Unlayered Body Workshop

The Un-Layered Body is a workshop on physical theatre lead by Debora Balardini and Sandie Luna, Co-Founders and Co-Artistic Directors of the Nettles Artists Collective. This dynamic workshop centers on making the body and voice an unhindered, whole, tuned instrument for emotion and expression. Through exercises on “un-layering” the body into a discovery of the hidden in ourselves, we focus in the center layer of awareness and assimilation. A visceral connection of body and mind are central concepts of this work. Based in practices and explorations of different techniques ranging from Heller Work, Eutonia, Klaus Viana Technique, Fedora Aberasturi System of Movement, Choreographic Theatre, Roy Hart Technique for the Voice, Hatha Yoga and Ideokinesis.

- International Workshops -

Renowned Paris-based Pantheatre offers its yearly training by artistic directors Enrique Pardo and Linda Wise in NYC. Produced by Nettles Artists Collective, PanNYC is a two weekend intensive focusing on Voice Performance and Choreographic Theatre.  Offered at the end of Spring/ beginning of Summer, PanNYC offers emerging and professionals artists the opportunity to train by these master teachers in the heart of NYC.  For more info, contact us at nettles


ABOUT: Founded in 1981, Pantheatre was the first independent company to emerge from the Roy Hart Theatre (1969-1989). Its directors are founding members of the Roy Hart International Artistic Centre.  It was founded by Enrique Pardo with a solo performance on the God Pan, following several years of voice and movement research.

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