Sabine Villatore

An actress and singer, originally from Brasil. She has credits in theatre plays, short films, commercials and industrials. Sabine also has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and an extensive experience in cultural events and arts management. She has trained at Facultade de Artes do Parana (Fap), Drama Conservatory Cena Hum and has attended workshops in comedia dell’arte, theatre music and concert (Jean Jacques Lemetre Theatre du Soleil, Paris-France), Suzuki Technique and View Points (SITI Company, NYC), and most recently Choreographic Theatre (Pantheatre Company, Paris-France). As a singer she has been coached by masters such as Chelsea Wilson, Mary Rogers and Annette Hunt in NYC. Her latest work is the musical solo show Chão e Sonhos (Ground & Dreams), using her skills as an actress, singer, songwriter and compositor. In NYC she stands as an associate producer for the Nettles Artists Collective, and as a performer at Group.BR.

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