Montserrat Vargas

Montserrat Vargas is a Chilean multidisciplinary artist based in New York. She holds two degrees from Chilean universities, one in Acting from Universidad Mayor and one in Arts Education from Universidad de Los Lagos.


Montserrat is currently an Associate Member of the Nettles Artists Collective, and as a performer and collaborator of LaMicro Theater and Group.Br. Montserrat’s experience includes teaching and co­teaching through art. She has worked with gifted students with special needs and immigrants (Spanish speakers who wanted to learn English through theater). In theater, her acting expertise has focused on realism, cruelty theater and physical theater. Exploring performance art, she presented an installation at Movement Research called “Mouthful Annihilation”, an exploration of women issues in collaboration with Andressa Furletti.


As a poetry writer, Montserrat represented contemporary Chilean poetry in New York at Spring Under the 7 organized by Centro Cultural Barco de Papel (Queens,NY), besides that event she participate at the monthly


Open Mic Inner City Times and she is currently publishing her multidisciplinary work in ViceVersa Magazine. In her individual work, Montserrat explores the contemporary female+immigrant perspective on subjects such as belonging, objectification, depression, vulnerability, violence, sexual abuse, and memory, all explored using performance, photography, poetry, and embroidery.

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