Gio Mielle

Gio Mielle is Brazilian actress, theatre producer and a journalist. She has been acting since 1999 and has a degree in acting from the Brasilia University, place where she also acted and worked as a producer for Cometa Cenas Festival. In Belo Horizonte she worked as a producer for several theatre companies and cultural spaces. In 2003 Gio won and award for best actress for a short scene called "The Cannibal" which set her off to hold many other roles in various productions around Brazil. Since moving to New York, Gio has worked as an assistant producer for groups such as Sister Sylvester, Elevator Repair Service, and La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club. She was was part of the cast for "Sorry Robot", a Mike Iveson's project for Elevator Repair Service. Most recently she volunteered for the Belarus Free Theatre at La Mama. She holds a position at Punto - An Event Performance Space as the Assistant Director of Artistic Affairs as well as an artist collaborator at the Nettles Artists Collective.

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