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Under the artistic direction of Debora Balardini and Sandie Luna, we bring people from all over the world to create works for the general public.  We devise universal stories through the lens of our experiences.

Our main methodology is Collective Autonomy, an original way of working that sets us apart not only from playwright or director­-centered companies, but also from traditionally ensemble­-based companies. Collective Autonomy entails a conscious removal of most of the usual context, hierarchy and expectations of traditional creation in the arts. There is no leader, the individual artist takes responsibility for the process and the product, with the support of the ensemble.


In Collective Autonomy we constantly exchange resources and always ask the question: Can the creative process be democratic? Every project is a search for the answer.  By cultivating a multi­ethnic, multidisciplinary hub for artists, Nettles provides a democratic alternative to the usual elitist performance model.

Founding Members

Debora Balardini

(Artist/Entrepreneur) Co-Artistic Director

Sandie Luna

(Artist/Entrepreneur) Co-Artistic Director

 Associate Members

Montserrat Vargas

Duke York


Nate Speare

Gio Mielle

Jaime Puerta

Connor Dylan McAlpine

Sabine Villatore


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